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The products we offer have been produced from the high quality natural mulberry silk. The production process of silk, including fibres stratification and stretching, is conducted without using machines. The silk has not been bleached; moreover, no chemicals have been used during the production of the bedding inlays. Thus, our products are fully ecological (they have been produced with no harm to the environment). The researches prove that silk is the healthiest fibre for human body which has been invented so far.

During the production all our products are double-checked which ensures the highest quality and eliminates all possible imperfections. We guarantee excellent workmanship and assure you will use our products for a long time due to their endurance.

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e-mail: info@malbery.eu
Malbery, Niegrzebia 18, 73-150 Lobez, Poland
Malbery - Import and Distribution of Mulberry Silk Products.
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