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Eco-Tex Standard 100 is widely known and respected quality mark given to textiles which certify their high quality and safety of use. Products marked with Eco-Tex Standard 100 undergo a variety of tests and examinations in independent research facilities situated in different European countries.

Eco-Tex Standard 100 is given to textiles which do not contain substances harmful to human beings or the environment and confirm to standard regulations and requirements concerning their influence on humans and ecosystems. Certificate of Eco-Friendly Textiles is also a guarantee that these textiles have skin-friendly pH and that no allergy-inducing dyestuffs have been used. Additionally, the Certificate of Eco-Friendly Textiles confirms that the textiles do not contain of pesticides, pentachlorophenol, tin-organic compounds or any substances that are inflammable, promote cancer or have mutagenic properties.

Additionally, stricter criteria have been introduced since 2009. Now, Eco-Tex Standard 100 Certificate restricts use of two retardants: decaBDE and HBCDD. Moreover, it prohibits use of derivates of phthalates both in underwear and clothes. Phthalates are toxic substances; exposure to phthalates may be harmful to human body. They are especially dangerous for children, but, unfortunately, phthalates are still used in production of overprints put on children's clothing or beddings.

When you decide to buy a product marked with Eco-Text Certificate, you can be 100% sure that the product you have chosen is safe for you and the environment. Finally, you can be assured that it is simply trustworthy.
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